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Unique opportunity: stable manager for a week.

Discussion in 'Services' started by harmony, May 22, 2016.

  1. harmony
    • Cyrene Pioneer

    harmony Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2012
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    Hello everybody,

    Are you hooked on pets, and always wondered how you would do as a stable manager? Well here’s your chance. We offer you the chance to add a buff to the stable and gain all the income from your chosen buff.


    How does it work? Very easy: you’ll provide us the ingredients to add the buff, and when it expires you get all the income we got from the buff. Screenshots will be provided.

    (note: we can sell some of the animal essences needed)

    Available buffs and their cost/income are available here (with a ty to narfi):


    Fine print:
    -This isn’t actually for a week, but for the duration of the provided buff (3-30 days)
    -There is no guarantee you’ll profit for it, so it would be best if you would select a buff you are willing to choose yourself
    -Income for the stable is 75% of the buff cost, the other 25% goes to MA or Cyrene or both.
    -One buff per person at a time, a second person may pay for another buff but the cost of the buff must be different then the buff already provided (else it is impossible to link the income to the buff)
    -At any time in the future we stop this action, paid for periods will off course be honoured.
    -Buffs, buyer and results will be posted on cyrene forum.

    Why are we doing this?

    Well a long time ago we were young and naive and bought the stable to provide a service for the cyrene playerbase, and to help the economy grow. To have some booths to supply some nutrio bars, pets and crafted cyrene weapons etc. etc. Unfortunately MA decided otherwise, but the Cyrene team rose to the challenge and provided us with the best looking stable out there :).

    So in honour of their work and in line with our original ideas, we now try to give a little bit back to the cyrene community.
  2. ImpnAintEasy
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    ImpnAintEasy Member

    Dec 28, 2018
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    I would be interested in this. I know it's old thread but if its something you are still willing to do, then I would cover costs.
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