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by Kris | Cyrene at 10:03 AM
(623 Views / 3 Likes)
Mission Fixes
- Several mission positions have been corrected
- Adjusted miscellaneous mission objects so they are no longer hidden
- Fixed/updated mission text and objectives to be more clear
- Added a new NPC to split the Zyn’Tukano summoning missions
- Added a Mission info sign at Zyn’Tukano to help players navigate the mission structure
- Adjusted summoned mob stats for Zyn’Tukano summoning and quest choice
- Tweaked Zyn’Tukano mission rewards
- Kaydee Barnes mission text now correctly notes you only need 300 A.R.C. Badges to do the texture mission daily

- Removed some particles and adjusted animations for Dire Weeds in an attempt to keep it visible
- Fixed various objects around Robot Base Z.R.Q. so players no longer get stuck
- Fixed broken Zorn Compound C Blueprint
- Rebalanced the decoration blueprints from the mission: You're a Lumberjack now, human!
- Text fixes for several items
- All Cyrene harvesting tools should now be able to be sold back to the Trade Terminal
- Added and removed “Rare” on several items
- Tree Dragon Hide should now be available
- Removed duplicate Zorn Compound A Blueprint in the terminal
- Various creature spawn adjustments and additions
- Ice Golems should now have a slower respawn rate
- Adjusted Sweat Circle area outside of Zyn’Tukano
- Tweaked bridges connecting island to be more stable
- Add auction terminal next at texture crafting area in Zyn’Tukano
- Temporarily remove death sound from Sky Wraiths (to be...