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by Shawna | Cyrene at 5:38 AM
(1,127 Views / 6 Likes)
We are excited to announce Planet Cyrene's first official planet event, A.R.C. Offensive - Imperium snow Base.

Zorra has grown weary of the quiet coming and goings of the Imperium. Their brash attacks have wavered over the last few months and something is amiss. Having sent out her scouts she's learned of a new location, The Imperium Snow Base where a new abomination is being created, Mecha Lupine. These behemoths of machine, blood, circuits of destruction must be destroyed before they lay waste to everything we know on Planet Cyrene.

Are you brave enough to attack the Imperium Snow Base? Test your merit starting March 25th, 2023 - March 31st, 2023. Those willing to answer the call from Master Sergeant Robert can find him in the A.R.C. HQ /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138838, 77250, 101, Into Imperium Snow Base Waypoint]

•Start time 3/25/23 @05:00 game time - 3/31/23 @ 05:00 game time
•Limited time Planet Cyrene Event
•Single Player Instance
•Creature lvl range is from 22-93 with warps inside the instance to take you to their location
•6 hours time out but players are able to enter continually for the duration of the event
•Special mobs with their own Codex
•Planet Cyrene's first ever tradeable skills pills (Skill Juice) and more...