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The Hub The Proving Grounds


Well-Known Member
to start this off i guess i should say that i am not the best pker

but most of the time i have a lot of fun in the proving grounds.

i can see why some poeple that come to check it out get frustrated and leave almost right away. token farmers fight zealously to discourage other people from being in there and hurting their profits. and 2 or more vs one is very hard to overcome.

but thats the fun i think. learning how to fight against certain tactics, and seeing yourself improve.

not to mention its dirt cheap and excellent experience for in the pay arenas . myself i am nowhere near good enough to venture into them. but one day maybe i will.

lag can be a problem for some of us i think (me) but we all have handicaps to overcome.

getting around to the point of this thread :D.

why are you not in the proving grounds shooting or slashing some. you get a free knife from a mission btw.

i again am not very good but it is cheap fun in entropia and with enough pratice you can move up in to the pay per kill arenas and make real ped on you real skills.

there are usually 2-3 people in the proving grounds at all times farming tokens. so there is always someone to play with.

if no one is there or your having a hard time(my real reason) add me to your FL and i ll head right over to join the fun

non proxy nonaware


Travelling through time...
When I go in there, the fight usually lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Either we all start lagging like crazy which is not fun anymore or it just doesn't pay off to fight because it costs more in 20 minutes than you can get Tokens alone in 1h. Waiting for the hub patch.


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if you go in there and shoot for an hour you pretty much have to spend the rest of the day farming tokens thats true. next patch is why i am in the hub shooting now :) need to get some pratice so i am not really awful or at least as awful