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Entropia Universe News Server Downtime for Release


Well-Known Member
not yet ..looks like a bug fix and maybe some new features (lighter night and shorter day cycles and more..maybe)


Active Member
I think we are off a week. This was to be the big VU13..but since they put off last week's update for this week, I'm hoping that NEXT week will be the big VU13 update?!?:bowdown:

Also just a guess here, but I think that they put off last weeks update to clean up NI's update where most likely they removed it. :banghead:


New Member
Seems MA is in the business of keeping us all guessing, what's with that?
Is everything MA does so "TOP SECRET" if so, why?


Well-Known Member
Just curious, why you always seem to know something that most of us dont. Can I ask your resources if you dont mind.

When you got a memory like i have you educate yourself by probabilities, trends of the past, taking all press releases in mind. Ive been following most planets since they were first announced, also looking at MAs past press along with leaks spilled by MA. I love role playing and educating yourself on all paths brings you too an accurate conclusion, and the conclusion is October 9th for VU13 taking all variables into consideration. Im not always right but I am very close on my accuracy in the past.