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The Hub Playing Modes


Travelling through time...
I'm one of those few that have probably spend more time in the HUB than any other player (actually fighting, not just camping for tokens). Definitely a lot of time I was alone there or with someone else who decided to stay to fight a bit just for the fun. So I had some time to think how to get more fun out of all this empty place.

I will try to describe 2 playing modes which makes fighting a bit more interesting and maybe even more even skill wise.

Currently in Proving Grounds ("PG" from now on) healing before entering arena is not working so after death player usually gets in with ~10HP. Some players don't like to heal up, or when they do after entering arena, they get killed by another player right after that. So I got an idea that is working actually quite good when playing 1vs1. It would definitely be interesting with more players too.
  • All players play in "Free for all" mode which means everyone is for himself.
  • This mode is also working only in PG and only as long as auto-healing at entrance is not working properly.
  • Healing is not allowed neither in arena or outside of it. So no use of First Aid Packs. Leaving PG completely and returning to it with full HP is also not allowed.
  • All players use rocket launchers or other weapons they agree to.
  • The best players (the ones that stays alive the longer) are rewarded with higher HP from self regeneration. So being a better player still counts, yet not as much to make a big difference.
  • The winner is the one who gets the most kills in a set period of time.
:coffee::bduh::kos: and let's continue...

Another mode I wanted to write about would work in any arena but it would have really strict rules and some players could find it difficult to follow. I already started to gather the players for a test run for this mode but while I'm waiting I decided to write about it in the forum. Maybe someone will have a good suggestion how to improve it.
  • There would be 2 teams. There should be at least 8 players in total - 4 in each team. Each team have at least 3 attackers and 1 defender.
  • Attackers - these are players than can use any offensive or defensive item (both teams agree with each other before the fight which items are allowed and which are not) to fight with other team.
  • Defenders - these players can ONLY use First Aid Pack to heal themselves or their teammates. They are not allowed to use any other item.
  • Each team wears a different color HUB ONLY clothes to make it easier for players to tell who is who.
  • Team attackers wear either BLUE or RED clothes (all players from the same team chooses the same color)
  • Team defenders wear either GREEN or ORANGE clothes (GREEN would play in BLUE team and ORANGE would play in RED team)
  • Team goal is to kill the enemy Defender.
  • Winner is the team that scores enough enemy Defender kills or reached total kill limit for all players. This is something I wanted to test to see how easy or hard it is to kill Defender because a good team can keep their Defender alive as long as possible.
Some rules for this second mode.
  • Everyone must wear HUB ONLY clothes.
  • Once agreed to the color, players are not allowed to change it. Players can't change the color in a middle of the fight.
  • Attackers can heal their defender if needed. It is considered as an advantage if the team can work well together.
  • Attackers can only use the weapons which both teams agreed before the fight.
  • Defender CAN'T use any weapons. His only tool is his First Aid Pack which he can use to either heal himself or help his teammates.
  • There must be equal amount of players in each team and also roles of the players. A team can't have 2 Defenders if other team have only 1. The same applies to Attackers.
  • Team scores a point when enemy Defender has been killed. Need to test first how balanced this mode is to know more about point limits and such. If activity allows it, there could even be points for each Attacker kill and bonus points for each Defender kill.
  • Players can't leave arena or wait in the lobby. Once the fight has started and player has been killed, that player has to return to the arena as soon as possible.
  • In PG teams are allowed to fight in only one room (E side, middle or W side). Both teams before the fight agree in which room they are going to fight. Players can't fight in any other room ("right" or "wrong" room from now on). If players are spawned in other room, they must return to the "right" one as soon as possible. In case players from different teams are spawned in the same "wrong" room, they are not allowed to fight there. Player who is in the "wrong" room can't attack the players who are in the "right" room and the other way around.
  • Both teams are responsible for obeying the rules. If player is breaking any rule, whole team can receive points penalty or they can get disqualified from the match.
Please comment what do you think about this. Any suggestions what could be improved or changed are welcome. Any critics? I will update this post when I remember what I missed :)
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George Skywalker

Active Member
The first mode mentioned with all players on minimum health is a lot of fun and as a beginner I found it more equal against an experienced player. The strategies involved are a bit different and mistakes can be very costly. I was learning pvp much faster in this mode than normal so especially useful for newbies to pvp. This could be due to increase in confidence as you see more positive results which are more difficult to achieve in normal fighting against an experienced player.

The fun factor in this mode was the highest in any type of gameplay in EU be it pvp or not. Therefore, this mode could be very useful for pvp tourists i.e. players who are not into pvp but may want to try it out.

In the long term it would be worthwhile developing specialist pvp domes catered towards these different types of gameplay from the two modes mentioned above to more e.g. capture the flag scenario.


Travelling through time...
I'm opening registration for second HUB mode. If you would like to participate in a test run, write your in game name here and I will add you. All the necessary information you can read in the first post.


New Member
Include me please, I like this planet and I love PvP. (Might take me a bit to get the proper clothes)