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Imperium Common Shirt (C,L)


Does this item have usage decay? I haven't seen anything on item description. I crafted one full TT and I put it on to see how it looks, then when I went to check its MU noticed a 2pec decay, so I tested again, putted it on and took it off, and another 2pec decay. So is this right? If it is it should have something on description.


New Member
All clothing items in the game have that 2 pec decay when you equip them, its one of the big reasons I hate item restriction places like the Hub. There have been countless posts asking for the removal of this decay but it seams we are stuck with it.
I believe I heard MA promised to remove said 2 PEC fee at some point. It hasn't yet happened, and I can't find that thread either. :eyes:

edit: k, found it there. No word on it since then, to my knowledge.


Active Member
Seems there are a few things they have not done yet reading that.
some weaps still DO decay and eat ammo when fired as well. Flamethrowers come to mind, and no not just in pvp areas either.



Travelling through time...
MA stated a while ago that AOE damage dealing weapons will decay the same no matter in what area you are in. It is because for those weapons you don't need a precise target to deal damage - like rocket launchers and flamethrowers.