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I suspect someone for using an autoklicker in the pk hub, which lets them fight in god mode

Discussion in 'PvP' started by Sandra Sandy Heyder, May 3, 2012.

  1. Minxy
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    Minxy New Member

    Jun 27, 2012
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    Risk Takers
    I haven't tried hub PvP out yet because 1. No ones playing them and 2. I don't want to play 1v2 or 1v3 etc, Hearing people are teaming up inside them constantly.
    So my view on this isn't based on experience but..
    I just can't imagine auto clickers to be a problem, We can click so fast without an auto clicker and the gun reloads after every shot.. The advantage they might get from the auto clicker is microscopical.

    I think the real problem is if they remove the right mouse button feature..
    Because then people will create cheats for the game that works a bit like an auto clicker except it only clicks when it detects that you have your cursor over another player.

    And that sounds a million times worse to me.

    It would be more fun without the right mouse button because it gives combat some more skill to be good at but it also opens the door to serious cheating which I'm pretty sure can't be prevented because not even the big time studios behind BF3/WoW etc can't prevent cheating.. They instead design the game so there's no advantage to cheating.
    They create global cooldowns, Auto target and let all players be able to create macros within the game.. So every player has the power of a cheater basically to make it 100% fair.

    So I honestly thought that the reason they have the right mouse button feature in the first place was to prevent cheating.
  2. Svarog
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    Svarog A pixel guy

    Feb 26, 2012
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    The point was not in speed, but that did not waste ammo using the described scheme - the gun just didn't fire until the cursor is over the target - that's how the button did work. Autoclicker was needed only for convenience, so you could concentrate on aiming - the main concern of the hub-players was not AC but the button itself.

    But this thread is old - MA later turned off the right mouse button completely, pvp or not, causing a lot of drama, because it turned out that many people were using RMB for everyday non-pvp hunting. Lately MA turned the button back on, but supposedly only in non-pvp areas (didn't test it yet).

    Yes, that's exactly what RMB officially and legally does :). I doubt it's possible to create an usable emulation of this functionality in pvp (if it's really doesn't work in pvp anymore), because it needs a lot of screening/OCR in realtime, while in pvp every millisecond does matter.

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