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Cyrene Forum Rules & Guidelines

Discussion in 'About Planet Cyrene Forum' started by Lykke TheNun, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Lykke TheNun
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    Lykke TheNun Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2011
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    Rules & Guidelines for Cyrene Forum
    Planet Cyrene will continue to strive to create a forum environment that presents both informative content, as well as a pleasant experience for everyone in our Entropia Universe community. Therefore, there are a few guidelines to ensure that everyone's experience is as beneficial as possible.

    Violation of certain rules will result in a warning. If a member receives a third warning, it will result in a permanent ban. Also, certain and specific rules that are violated will result in an immediate ban.

    Cyrene Forum would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this forum and we look forward to providing you with an informative and fun place to be outside of the game. We would like your time spent with us here to complement your virtual in-game experiences.

    1.Forum membership
    1.1 You are welcome as a member of Cyrene Forum provided you are 13 years of age or older.
    1.2Your forum name may not contain any offensive terms or words - abusive, racist, sexually explicit, profane, etc. If it does, the account will be immediately deleted.
    1.3You may have only one account on Cyrene Forum. If you have multiple accounts, these will be deleted and you will get a warning.
    1.4If you have one account but wish to change this, please contact the Cyrene Forum staff.
    1.5Do not share your account information with anyone. All activities conducted with your account is your responsibility.
    1.6If for some reason you receive a permanent ban, you are not allowed to create a new account.
    1.7If you do not agree with a ban, please contact the Cyrene Forum staff.

    2.Forum activities
    2.1Please write in English only in the public forums.
    2.2Personal attacks, insults, rudeness, racism, threats, name-calling and other non-constructive inflammatory behavior toward other members is not allowed - not in public, in private messages, private sub-forums, or reputation comments. Content exhibiting this behavior will be deleted, and any extreme or egregious behavior will result in an immediate permanent ban.
    2.3Always remember to treat people with respect and accept that we are all different - this is a place for everyone.
    2.4You are not allowed to reveal real life information about another member of the community - in such cases you will be permanently banned from the forum.
    2.5You are not allowed to post personal messages which were sent to you in confidence - the same goes for in-game / outside of game chat logs, e-mails, voice chats, etc.
    2.6You are not allowed to post accusations toward members of the community. Always contact MindArk directly if you have proof that the EULA/ToU is being violated - and if you are in doubt, you are welcome to contact the Cyrene Forum staff.
    2.7 Do not discuss real world politics, nationalism, religion, war and similar topics - and refrain from taking part in or starting these kinds of discussions. Again, Cyrene Forum is for everyone.
    2.8Keep a decent language and tone in your posts and replies to other participants. This is a place for everyone - from 13 years and up - have that in mind.
    2.9 In case you wish to discuss games outside Entropia Universe we recommend you do so in the 'Other games discussions' section or at www.entropiaplanets.com.
    2.10 Everything violating the Entropia Universe Terms of Use (ToU) will be deleted and may result in a ban.

    3.1Cyrene Forum has a few specific forums. Please make sure you post new threads in the correct forum section.
    3.2 Sub-forums - some forums contain sub-forums. You will find these by using the little arrow to the right of a forum title.
    3.3 Prefixes - some forums have prefixes connected to the headline menu, which makes it easier to diversify a subject from another. These prefixes can be used when you create new threads in the profession and trading forums.
    3.4 Spamming, trolling and flooding are not allowed on the forum.
    3.5 Do not create new threads to advertise for older threads.
    3.6 Do not link to other Planet Partner forums outside the "Other Planets Discussions" forum - though it is not allowed to recruit or directly advertise for other planets.
    3.7 Do not post for banned members. There's a reason for their ban.

    4.1 All attachments need to follow the above rules.
    4.2 Images or movies containing pornographic, sexually explicit, violent or other offensive content is strictly forbidden on Cyrene Forum and will be removed without warning. This applies to all sections on the forum; in threads, signatures, private messages, blog entries, etc.

    If you need to report a post, please use the report post button in the actual post thread - or send a private message to the Cyrene Forum staff with a link to the post. The Cyrene Forum staff will look into the issue and take the necessary action.

    Constructive criticism, feedback and suggestions are very welcome. Please contact the Cyrene Forum staff either by private message or write it in the 'About Cyrene Forum' section - keeping the forum rules above in mind.

    Have a great time on Cyrene Forum!
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