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Cyrene Cartel

Discussion in 'Services' started by WolfStar, Mar 29, 2024.

  1. WolfStar
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    WolfStar New Member

    Dec 31, 2023
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    Cyrene Cartel

    I would like to introduce a new form of running a community,
    available on Cyrene.

    We are the Cyrene Cartel Society,
    Planet Bound Society.

    This means that we only focus on playing together,
    while on the planet Cyrene.
    Expand game by additional Soc. events, team hunts, help with quest's,
    collaborative crafting etc.

    We are open to any player who wants to spend time on Cyrene in an organized group with the principle of "What you give of yourself, you get from others."
    You can join us just for the duration of your Cyrene adventure, or stay with us for longer. Although we have a founder of idea, there is no chierariach and superiority of anyone over anyone else. Every new player starts with the highest rank. We are a new model of running a community in the spirit of cooperation. Instead of establishing deeper ties that often lead to rifts. So if you're looking for a stable, transparent, honest way to spend time relaxing with adventures on Planet Cyrene, consider joining us.

    Our main goal is to provide organized assistance to the life of Planet Cyrene.
    Although we are new, remember a few of our goals that we will perfect over time.

    -BP's shared library, The founder has committed to being an accessible crafter, producing everything on the principle: Everything you give in, you get out.
    After delivering the necessary raw materials, the entire production will be broadcast via a Twitch account. The cost of refining is covered by the Founder.
    Everything that falls out of the machine belongs to you.

    -Organizing help with quests based on the exchange of heal, DPS and support between Cartel members. Both in team form and 1vs 1 exchanges. This also applies to PvP games.

    -Collaboration events within, aimed at creating a common table, outside the available missions in the game. Own internal mission system.

    -Supporting members with information to improve the quality of the game. For example. Rangers Spawn info is made available in the soc. chat before it is made available in the Rangers chat, etc.

    -Help in organizing "grind on demand", which replaces some of the problems associated with AH. Organization of the contract between players.

    -Organizing collective actions in activities A to B catching...


    Members also commit to improving the entire planet by representing a fundamental supporting attitude.

    -Monitor the [#spacerescue] chat and take rescue actions. In zone within a 20-minute flight from Cyrene SS.

    -Help for newcomers, mentoring, information assistance.

    -Monitoring [#cyrene_rangers] DPS support despite Cold Down when needed.


    We are open to all players and we invite you to join similar projects on other planets.

    As a Fundator I recommend, Helping on Next Island Soc. when Your on NI, Calypso Rescue Team Soc when Your on Calypso. As they share similar principles to Cyrene Cartel.

    Have fun playing.


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