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February midway update

Blog entry posted by Dale Alvin Gribble, Feb 14, 2019.

I started on the 1st here being lucky enough to hit the shared loot event with the 9k Big Byrd HoF. This event finished +600. I finished up the 200 badges and Ultimate Noob Mission on the same day. I did the Duke Wave with some people which was a lot of fun but a loss. Then I did the Fap Mission which took took about-400. I started doing spider bots because I heard the weapon vouchers drop there. Did 200 ped runs in ammo. Use corrosive 7 + amp and adj pixie+2a plates. Use First gen electro 4 as a tagger or whatever L rifles I've got from loot. Every run was a loss of 30-60 peds after decay so I figured they must be too big for me and quit on them. Better to stick with small mobs for a while longer. It stinks cause I'm a tiny click away from pyro 30 and have a 10k bankroll.

Saw Kong HoF spam and wanted to get in on it cause shared loot is my favorite. Flew to RT and went to spawner. Saw somebody respawning at revive so followed them to the Kongs. About 6 guys in PoE armor or Perseus with big guns going at them. As soon as I started shooting with my puny 40 dps they all stopped shooting and waited till I died. I did this a few times. Apparantly something about EU turns Uber's into a-holes. 40 dps is definately contributing. For those 6 guys...I hope you walk in on your wife banging your brother....you're a jerk. Got frustrated and went to caly to sell a bunch of guns.

Decided since I'm gonna be on low mobs forever to sell off some of my higher gear that I thought was cool. Since I dont need the bankroll if I'm sticking small I bought a bunch of CLDs and AUDs and lowered my bankroll to about 1k.
  1. Dale Alvin Gribble
    Uber's forgetting they used to be noobs and being snobs seems to be a disease in this game. It's not that hard to be friendly.
  2. Dale Alvin Gribble
    I didnt know that. Might be better to explain rather than just being dicks. If they'd have said "hey, would you mind not shooting these? We paid to spawn them I'd have gladly said "cool, good luck guys" and went my merry way. I have to explain to noobs that just spawned in trying to kill my smaller mobs all the time that I dont really need their help. Thank you, the coordinates for this mission are over here. Have fun, good luck. Also...sell me all your jagged tooth.
  3. Haruto Rat
    Those people pay 15...20 PED/mob (current going rate of Ruxxnet Code) to spawn those mobs. That might explain their behavior.
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