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Blog entries from Dale Alvin Gribble

Dale Alvin Gribble has a total of 6 entries.

  1. Dale Alvin Gribble
    The record keeping this month is a lie. During one of the mini patches I lost all of my sticky notes. My sticky notes are how I track my returns so I'm missing about 10k worth of cycled peds. Overall I'd say I finished around -600 this month. I managed to hit 100k skills and did a few runs for Mayhem staying right around 30th place. Ped Cycled: 2960.44 Ped Returned: 3438.53 Profit/Loss:...
    Dale Alvin Gribble, May 1, 2019
  2. Dale Alvin Gribble
    March was a terrible month in real life for me. First, my boss (who was more of a mother or really close aunt) passed away early on and then, a few days ago, my girlfriend passed away. I was made CEO of my company which is overwhelming and a few funerals is not fun. I didn't play all that much and when I did, I mostly sweated and talked to my friends about my personal problems. It looks...
    Dale Alvin Gribble, Apr 1, 2019
  3. Dale Alvin Gribble
    Going small made me turn this month around. I hunted lots of Tree Dragons, Arret, and Pedes. Most of the time I used mindforce unless I looted weapons in which case I used them until they broke. I did a couple of runs on Zeladoth with a healer. Returns weren't great but everything else was good enough that I could afford the loss. Even had a 111 ped Crystal Pede Puny. I'm thining next month...
    Dale Alvin Gribble, Mar 1, 2019
  4. Dale Alvin Gribble
    I started on the 1st here being lucky enough to hit the shared loot event with the 9k Big Byrd HoF. This event finished +600. I finished up the 200 badges and Ultimate Noob Mission on the same day. I did the Duke Wave with some people which was a lot of fun but a loss. Then I did the Fap Mission which took took about-400. I started doing spider bots because I heard the weapon vouchers drop...
    Dale Alvin Gribble, Feb 14, 2019
  5. Dale Alvin Gribble
    This month I spent about 2 weeks on Rocktropia (scavenger wolves, shared zombie kongs, and a few k zombies), 2 days on Caly (selling stuff and a few small Daikiba hunts). The rest was spent here grinding away. The majority of hunting was done on small mobs with the biggest being about 300 ped cyled on Puny Mang Changs. I actually did better but purchased a UL BLP gun for +210 and then...
    Dale Alvin Gribble, Feb 1, 2019
  6. Dale Alvin Gribble
    I'm a new player (70k skills) that came to Cyrene because I like the feel. I started on RT but found myself drawn here. I have a decent bankroll to fiddle with for a newer player but not a ton of time to play so most of the time I am on is AFK sweating while I'm at work or endlessly crafting EP1. The whole month wasn't spent on Cyrene so this is only 2 1/2 weeks or so. MU is included as I...
    Dale Alvin Gribble, Jan 1, 2019