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by Lykke TheNun at 8:16 PM
(16,404 Views / 1 Likes)
We are pleased to welcome you to the official Planet Cyrene forum :goodbee:

For those signing up between now and the first of May 2012, you will receive a 'Cyrene Pioneer' badge showing on your posting profile. The badge is meant to honour those who joined us as the first 'pioneers' to take part in the Cyrene adventure journey from the very first moment.


We have tried to create a simple and uncluttered forum, so it is easy for you to navigate around.

Please, read the forum rules here. The general rule is that everyone is welcome and that we treat each other with respect. But there are also a few practical guidelines that should be followed.

There are 4 different forum designs available which we hope you like.

Choose your favourite design at the very bottom of the page to the left in the "Style Chooser".


- press the button and a window pops up open where you can select:

Planet Cyrene
- A beautiful forum style that appears to hover on your screen, and displaying a picture of Planet Cyrene seen from space in the background. This is the default style.


Cyrene Dark
- A style with a darker background colour and featuring a top image.


Cyrene Black
- A black and white styled forum design with a top image. A typical...