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by Shawna | Cyrene at 7:11 AM
(449 Views / 2 Likes)
The holidays are coming to Cyrene!

All holiday missions will start December 6th, 2023 - January 6th, 2024 @5 game time

– Zyn’oddy and Zyn'ingle are back with updates and additions to the limited time missions and creatures for the holiday season: /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138465, 77244, 101, Waypoint - Holiday Missions]

  • Zyn’oddy has a new set of decorations to get via Holiday Magic along with a new Jade Rare decoration
  • Zyn'ingle, in his normal fashion, has lost the latest holiday texture blueprint and needs players to help him find them around Cyrene
  • Zyn'ingle also has a more elusive hide and seek for more dedicated players to do with its own unique texture blueprint reward

- Inside the A.R.C. Jolly Wonderland you can find the HOLIDAY FLOWER TERMINAL with a mission to earn a cosmetic reward from killing:
  • Jolly Lurkers - inside the instance
  • Jolly Jellywoms - inside the instance
  • Puny Pleaks here - outside the instance /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138732, 77721, 102, Waypoint - for pizzazz]
(Make sure you have and KEEP 10 holiday magic on you before picking up the mission and while turning it in. You can get a quick 10 hoilday magic, trading 2k shraps npc here /wp [Planet Cyrene, 136199, 75634, 109, Waypoint])

-For the Jolly instance: /wp [Planet Cyrene,...