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Recent content by Noodles

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    What should Cyrene focus on next?

    My votes are for: Factions Mining (lyst/oil). It would be useful to replace some lyst/oil with other shared resources. I understand that MindArk controls resource balancing, but all other planets opened with at least a few areas that contained shared resources other than lyst/oil, so I'm...
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    HUB Issues (Oct 19, 2012)

    My friend and I visited the hub on October 19. It was a lot of fun, even after Mogon showed up and started pwning us :D Anyway...maybe 50-75% of the time, my friend's damage interval on several guns was incorrect. Taking the HK gun as an example, his interval was 7.5-15 (with slow reload...
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    Bug Report VU 12.8.2 Report Thread

    I arrived on Cyrene after this patch. I talked to the vehicle master. He gave me the Lancer, P.I.G.V., and Spear missions, but not the Dragonfly mission. My friend had the same result.
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    Bug Report Lord Psychion not there..

    I did this during the opening week of Cyrene, and it worked then; maybe it will work now. Leave the area. Abandon the mission. Re-enter the area. Hopefully you re-receive the mission (I did). Carry on as usual (killing your merfolken very near the Psycidon spawn spot).
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    Cyrene Blueprints

    Hehe, didn't even notice that one :beerchug: I was referring to softening agent being used for suspended life essence instead of for material softener, etc.
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    Cyrene Blueprints

    Nice work Agis. Anyone else think a few of the ingredient lists are swapped?
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    Bug Report Launch issues bugs thread

    Get the merfolk mission, Psycidon is automatic when you enter the merfolk hunting grounds.
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    Bug Report Launch issues bugs thread

    Oh also, the missons that ask you to 'give' the broker zorn ingot and yellow crystal don't remove anything from your inventory.
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    Bug Report Launch issues bugs thread

    Had a problem with the Lord Psycidon mission. Two of us were there, and one Psycidon spawned which (I think) we both got a message for. The other guy killed Psycidon. My mission remained active but I could not respawn Psycidon. Had to abandon the mission, then it worked ok (requires 20 kills...
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    Bug Report Launch issues bugs thread

    Missions involving some or all of the ores and enmatters don't seem to work right. The fix seems to be to do the mission (or maybe not even do the mission, dunno), then abandon it. Then, with the correct item in your inventory, re-accept the mission. Then immediately finish the mission. It's...
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    Bug Report Launch issues bugs thread

    Guy's mission works if you kill the weeds near his camp. At least I was able to complete it. Weeds farther away don't count. The swamp lurker mission seemed to have trouble counting all kills. Dunno if this is a bug or intentional counting criterium; I saw no pattern.