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Recent content by non

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    What keeps you going...?

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    What keeps you going...?

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    What keeps you going...?

    my brain at 4 am while approaching 4k bottles pulled today...
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    Bug Report March 2nd 2021 VU Bug Thread

    there are daily missions for wilies skyshatters fenris muckjaws red golems and skreels or i atleast have them in my mission list? did they get removed or somthing?
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    Cyrene 2020 and beyond

    glad to see the people of cyrene surviving during these times. i started again on caly for the simple reason that there is a functioning econ (and its where i last logged out). people buy loot drops even if at low % there are lots of traders around to sell small stacks. after a few days i...
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    Training area ?

    have heard been the "space is getting an upgrade" talk since i joined so... :)
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    Training area ?

    yeah something about it being beta and them working with ma so who knows. will have to wait and see if we get one in the future.
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    Cyrene June 2016 VU Update

    glad to see this. best VU news ive read :) Good luck and keep up the hard work
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    a belated valentine's for entropia

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    Ozpyn LR S1X4 where to loot it?

    i believe somebodies alt was on a universe wide loot spree when they stopped by cyrene shot a few old? mang changs and looted it. could be wrong but think i remember thats what was being said on pcf at the time
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    What Bps are theese used in?

    some of us complained along time ago about not getting new bps and so many mats not really having a use making some mobs have zero mu besides oils ect. we were told on a few occasions that there were actually a lot of bps that for some reason were not dropping even though they were added to...
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    New Zeladoth mission

    nice spawns. thanks for having them seperated by hp and not all mixed up. one of the things ive always loved about cyrene makes hunting much smoother when you dont have to snipe one out of the herd or have a uber ninja spawn behind you. and thanks harmony :)
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    nice to get this misson up. i had been asking about it since 2013 glad it was finally looked into. and finally some new stages is really nice also :)
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    Christmas Totem

    i guess i missed the part of the event a noob like me could take part in like the previous events. its cool that you added the big mob for gamblers and such its nice to be inclusive for varying play styles :)
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    A.R.C. Guardian parts exchange

    non proxy nonaware: A.R.C. Guardian Arm Guards (M) 1 2.17 PED CARRIED A.R.C. Guardian Arm Guards (M) 1 0.72 PED STORAGE (Calypso) A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (F) 1 0.31 PED CARRIED A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (F) 1 0.29 PED STORAGE (Calypso) A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (F) 1 0.37 PED STORAGE...