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Recent content by George Skywalker

  1. George Skywalker

    Selling Wiles Pristine Element

    Selling Wiles Pristine Element Instant BO: 6k peds Message me on forum or in game. Thanks
  2. George Skywalker

    Bug Report June 13th, 2023 Official VU Bug Thread

    The Blue ROOT escaped from its cage and wandered off :) I presume the red one can also escape and wander off since they have same cage design
  3. George Skywalker

    Planet Cyrene Summer VU Preview

    Could we have a date for when the A.R.C. Offensive will launch again this summer? Or a rough estimate of when?
  4. George Skywalker

    Official AMAA for Planet Cyrene

    What is the launch status of planet cyrene and any plans? Any news on the mechs?
  5. George Skywalker


    I suspect that's a temporary arrangement at some stage the full vision of factions will be switched on, where choosing a faction will have consequences in terms of storyline development. Devs obviously cant switch on their full version until full launch. Basically what we probably have now are...
  6. George Skywalker


    Please read post fully before voting. Thanks. With factions it has always been the lack of knowledge regarding the different factions that prevented me from pursuing any storyline/mission etc. By lack of knowledge I don't mean which faction gets better items/loot etc but rather the...
  7. George Skywalker

    Shopping Booths

    I doubt very much it was arkadian idea, most likely they stole the idea from discussions from MA/PP, maybe even Cyrene. It's just the kind of thing ark do.
  8. George Skywalker

    The Hub Update for hub?

    The problem with old hub was not many went there for pvp. So mostly it was standing around doing nothing. These ideas seem promising because they should have more incentive for pvp. Since success of hub rests on encouraging pvp then the above ideas should keep that in mind. For example...
  9. George Skywalker

    Update on how Booths worked out on Cyrene?

    I saw in another thread Dev's were working on a different approach to handing out booths. From that thread I got the impression Booth's were eventually implemented and are on planet Cyrene. Just wondering how that different approach worked out and any issues learning to be taken from it...
  10. George Skywalker

    The Hub Update for hub?

    I heard in game from someone that there is an update for the hub in development. Couldn't find any details about it on forum so curious if it's true? If so, do we have any details about it? I've been away for a while so may have missed relevant thread(s), if you could link to it, I'd be most...
  11. George Skywalker

    Selling Hub Weapons and Gear

    I forget was the red level the most powerful items? How much are you selling the red level items and the yellow level Turrellion armour?
  12. George Skywalker

    Bug Report Hub Issues

    Found another bug jumping and turning at same time causes a rubber banding effect. You skip back to a previous position.
  13. George Skywalker

    Bug Report Hub Issues

    Thank you. Mostly bought the tokens this time though ...well bought most last time as well but bought even more this time :)
  14. George Skywalker

    Bug Report Hub Issues

    Bug report Unable to register Coat of The Proving Grounds (M) I'm guessing it's getting confused with my previous hub only coat I registered. Moving my registered coat to planetside storage had no effect.