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New Profile Posts

  1. Master Chief
  2. Lilmc | Cyrene
    Lilmc | Cyrene
    Retired, This community is the best.
  3. Shawna | Cyrene
    Shawna | Cyrene
    Stay Safe Out There!
  4. rufiop66
  5. Elf_Winters
    solo since 12/7/2019
  6. Rusty Venture
    Rusty Venture
    Back on Cyrene
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  7. Lazlar of Lyricon
    Lazlar of Lyricon
    Building my skills up...
  8. Lazlar of Lyricon
    Lazlar of Lyricon
    Looking for a mentor and Cyrene exclusive society to join.
  9. Lazlar of Lyricon
    Lazlar of Lyricon
    Working on Swordsman and Laser Pistoleer skills.
  10. Lazlar of Lyricon
    Lazlar of Lyricon
    Hunting Pleaks at Atlas Hunting Grounds.
  11. Justine
    Dedicated Planet Cyrene player since 2015 !
  12. Allar allarom Mark
    Allar allarom Mark Tor Henrik Hovi
    hey, i might be interested in turrelion set M, can you hook me up ingame? Allar allarom Mark
  13. Erastothenes
    Erastothenes Kris | Cyrene
    Hi :) Is there a Attribute Token Trader on Cyrene?
  14. happy_hipster
  15. andy86
    andy86 Kris | Cyrene
    Hi Kris

    There seem to been some issues currently regarding the Imperium armor NPCs as well as the drops of materials needed for the missions. Me as well as many others it seem can no longer loot the materials needed (Tail tips among others) nor can we access the NPCs. Do you know anything about these issues?
    1. Kris | Cyrene
      Kris | Cyrene
      Dec 9, 2020
  16. Rusty Venture
    Rusty Venture
    Monria fucking sucks, bad people run/own it.
  17. Rusty Venture
    Rusty Venture
    Back on Entropia! Back at Cyrene!
  18. Karatosbaka
    Karatosbaka Kris | Cyrene
    Hello Kris,

    iam new in the Forum. Yesterday i try out the Hunters Cavern with the Paneleons. Its a good Idea with the Auto Loot in the Cavern. But the Cavern has some Bugs. Somtimes i had to run to the Mob to shoot. Then in the same time iam far away again. But at all the Idea with small Hunting Quest is a good idea. Kind regards Kara Tosbaka
  19. Алексей
    Алексей Kris | Cyrene
    Кто подскажет где найти подруливающее на копье. Под деревом нет ни фига
    1. Kris | Cyrene
      Kris | Cyrene
      Right now there's a bug for the spear coordinates, it will be fixed in the next PP VU, but you currently cannot complete that mission.

      Aug 24, 2020
  20. Plus
    Buscando miles de tarritos de color borgoña ;)