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seeking pleak wing gatherer for possible deal.


Active Member
I've got a shop on FOMA now and am thinking about possibly setting up long term deal with someone that is constantly grinding the pleaks for the stacks of wings that you turn in, etc.

Is anyone over here doing this all the time?

I know they are hit and miss in auction, but am thinking in a reliable shop that stocks them constantly that is near Calypso... it could become THE place to get them potentially?

If anyone is interested shoot me a pm here in this forum or over on planet calypso forum (the forum I check more often than here). Not sure if this would be a I just buy them from you deal or a consignment type setup in the shop... may have to try a test run or two to get it going to see how well they sell etc.

We will need to negotiate travel ideas, etc. as these things are lootable in space I believe.