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My new plan to take over the world - one sweat bottle at a time

Discussion in 'Newcomers Area' started by DaughterofAnarchy, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. DaughterofAnarchy
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    DaughterofAnarchy Active Member

    Dec 20, 2015
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    I have to start by saying that it's not really a new version of my original plan, but more like a small revision, but, anyway, I still wanted to share it here, and please let me start by repeating my three golden rules.

    1. Stick with a monthly deposit budget of 10 dollars, which is pretty much what a subscription-based game would cost, which would even not go into my in-game expenses account, but into the savings one, and no matter what happens, just don't deposit more (not that I would really afford it anyway - hahaha).

    2. Never buy (or accept as gifts) any items from other people; if an item is still achievable via normal in-game mechanics (like hunting, mining or crafting), then I have to gather or craft it myself; so, the only items I can buy are those that are no longer achievable by any other ways (for example the old TT or Ancient/SGA/TEN edition weapons).

    3. Don't do any non-skill-giving jobs (like advertising), don't accept any gifts or tips from other people, but just stick with a plain 1 PED / hour fee for any skill-giving service I might offer (healing, support dps, etc); also don't get involved in any trading activity (if I'll buy anything it will be intended for keeping, not reselling).

    Read the full article on my blog: http://daughterofanarchy.blog.com/m...ke-over-the-world-one-sweat-bottle-at-a-time/

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