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Discussion in 'Services' started by AxeMurderer, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. AxeMurderer
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    AxeMurderer Active Member

    Dec 28, 2011
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    Shares – 1000 PED

    Profit split:

    33% - For events for investors only – FUND EVENTS

    33% - Payouts – FUND PAYOUTS

    33% - Investments/improvements – FUND INVESTMENTS

    1% - Salary for Axe

    The idea is to buy minimum 1 land area (and not only LA) and host monthly and bigger events.

    FUND EVENTS – This is where 33% will go - Every shareowner gets 1 free ticket every month for every share (1000) PED. He/she can use the ticket/s or sell it. For every 10 shares you will get 1 free ticket for event that will be held once there is enough jackpot so the prizes are one of the biggest in Entropia Universe if not the biggest prizes. Also FUND EVENTS can be used for secret Santa or some other gifts for shareholders.

    FUND PAYOUTS – This is where 33% will go – This is self explanatory. Every shareholder will get monthly payout. If profit is 1000 PED and there are 100 shares sold, 1 share will receive 33% of 10 PEDs. Only 33% in the beginning (or 66% if you count the tickets) of what you will get if you invest in fund like Chiee or buy CLD.

    FUND INVESTMENTS - This is where 33% will go – after the first LA is bought 33% of the profit will be used to upgrade the land - teleporter, DNA, fertilizer, booth, CLD, AUD and everything that will not only make future profits bigger but will also make playing more fun and support the planet/s. With FUND INVESTMENTS profit in the beginning will be half of other investments but will only get bigger with time.

    If you like the idea and want to buy some shares message me here or ingame.

    Avatar: Wand AxeMurderer Silva

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