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Guts or Glory 06-16-2012

Master Chief

Smuggler - Hibernation
At first i started this for a small little post, but it became to large so i made it into a small story. Enjoy

Currently Under construction.

Master Chief

Smuggler - Hibernation
'Somewhere off the beach of Cyrene mainland'

*phone rings*

Chief: Hello? Do you have any idea what time it is?

Contact: Haven't you heard the news? Syer is missing!

Chief: Nah hes not missing hes at the race track possibly flirting with Tiffany.

Contact: No hes missing, a V-Class Cargo ship dropped out of warp 1 hour ago with no FOF system or contact with the ship crew.

Chief: And?

Contact: What you mean And? We want you to locate and extract him to safety!

Chief: Call me tomorrow its pretty late.

Contact: Wait! We can make a deal!

Chief: Im listening.

Contact: Ontop of your usual fees we have recently got Schematics to a Level 1 Security Level Arc WarMech. and we are willing to let you 'Borrow' one; for testing purposes of course.

Chief: What to specify 'Borrow'?

Contact: Not enough time for the chaos and collateral damage you will be doing to extract Syer.

Chief: Alright im in, Send me 10K Peds for gear purposes.

Contact: What!? thats more then your usual cost!

Chief: Do you want him or not?

Contact: I thought he is your friend!

Chief: He is why im going shoot down the ship instead of blowing it up!

Contact: Fine, money transferred. Goodluck

Chief: Don't need luck, Just need some Motorhead Beer.

'Somewhere in high orbit over Cyrene'

*Music jamming in background; We're an American Band by Grand Funk*

Chief: Why do i feel like this is going to be a long long drop.

Computer: Talking to yourself again Chief?

Chief: As long as i don't answer myself im okay.

Computer: Thats not what the EBN, CDF, CXI reported on their studies.

Chief: To hell with EBN CDF and CXI that's why i relocated to Cyrene in the first place.

Computer: I thought you relocated to Cyrene because CDF was bout to come down hard on you and your whole list of illegal....

Chief: Ha! theirs the off switch, Now i can finish what i came here to do.

'Plants Level 3 Acid Hull Entry; AKA: Can Opener'


Chief: What the hell now?

'Turns computer back on'

Computer: Rebooting....

Chief: Computer please explain to me why this can opener is not working?

Computer: If you observed closely into your Security Hull Breach training 32.SHB.4567.10.X. You would of remembered that once the 'can opener' goes into space it becomes useless as the mixture is weightless and can no longer operate.

Chief: So what do I need to do to make it work?

Computer: A simple kick will do.

Chief: That's what im talking about a simple answer!

'Chief kicks the can opener'


Chief: So much for a sneak attack.

Computer: I tried telling you!

Chief: Wheres that off button at.

Computer: Please don't ill be quite!

Security System: Intruder! All Personnel Report to cargo bay 23-3. Small arms located on intruder threat assessment level 3 initiated!

Chief: So much for making this easy, Oh well always be prepared.

'Chunks 2 small round orbs into the cargo'

Henchman 1: Watch out grenade!

Henchman 2: I never seen one of those.

Henchman 1: Its bout to go off!

Henchman 2: take cover!

'2 Minutes later'

Henchman 1: Is it clear?

Henchman 2: I dont know you go look!

Henchman 1: Fine, cover me.

Henchman 1: Its clear and im still here.

'Picks up Orb'

Henchman 1: it says 'By the time you see this, Im gone!'

Henchman 2: Lt. the intruder got away from us he outgunned us we didn't stand a chance!

Lt: Report to Security hold 2 watch the package!

To Be Continued.... *Ran out of time*

Master Chief

Smuggler - Hibernation
'Reserve slot post'

I will use this post to reserve a small spot so i can update info here. Hope you like the small sample will do some later today :)


Dave Neuromancer
Good choice for the background music in the loading bay of the attack ship. For the tactical entry .. hmmm .. "burning down the house" or maybe "Takin' care of business" (I'm a big BTO fan)

How about linking tunes to the story?