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Cyrene special gift

Nor Alien

Whisker Fish
He had skateboards on his back??? hmmm I could have sworn those were wings :dunno:
If you listen to the Nut Jobs... err alien theorists... you would think they had TP chips way before Entropia!! :D

By the way.. if you even remotely listen to a guy like this.. it's a sign that more beer is needed!! :thumbup:


Damn this pic makes me laugh every time I see it!!


New Member
Well yes important for Cyrene to sign up new players due to revenue distribution. So fair enough that any newbies born on Cyrene recive a special gift. Since CLD on caly there has been much debate about revenue distribution so it's not exactly a secret for most. I wish you every success, I guess it's not cheap developing a new planet.

I love your PR talk Lykke, you do make me smile :)


MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
Touch the Purple Forest and you'll get your crayons alright ...


I'm just sayin' ...


*I think we better get back on-topic before I have to MS9 both of us* :D
the right gift for all players new and old is a better loot, not only in starter period only, much to live on planet to long long time