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Cyrene Mini Patch Notes - December 8th 2020

Discussion in 'Cyrene Version Update Notes' started by Kris | Cyrene, Dec 8, 2020.

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  1. Kris | Cyrene
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    Kris | Cyrene Lo and Behold, the Fixer of Bugs Staff Member

    Nov 14, 2011
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    Hunter’s Cavern

    - All Hunter’s Cavern instances have been adjusted to remove the rocky / uneven floor space as well as removed all trees.
    - Changed the exit to be a fortified room that’s more clear to enter into and should be less likely to be entered accidentally.
    - A slight delay tweak for respawn times.
    - Weak Paneleons in Hunters cavern have had their number double.

    - Added a couple of additional mineral spawns to improve useful minerals on Cyrene.
    - Added several player requested creature spawns around Cyrene to reduce mixed spawns and/or have additional spawns for the following:
    -- Skull Birds
    -- Ancient Rhino
    -- Old Mang Chang
    -- Young Mang Chang
    -- Young Empi
    -- Fenris Wolf
    -- Venataur
    - All Imperium Armor buffs are now correct (Evade and Critical Hit Damage).
    - Fixed an issue with the names of the Improved Imperium Armor Chest and Hands being swapped.
    - Turning in items to the Imperium Armor Traders now has a reduced cool down.
    - Adjusted ocean fog to be more player friendly when underwater.
    - Added an instant warp from the bottom of Zorra’s Headquarters to the top with the armor vendors, as well as one back to the ground level.
    - Fixed the terrain issues at Zyn Immigration near the beetle housing.
    - Adjusted the B.E. Blueprint vendors to better show the type of blueprints they sell and an additional confirmation dialogue.
    - Fixed the mission area and spawner for the daily mission “Getting Slimed” to now be completed.

    The Hub
    - The Hub teleport should now always correctly place you inside the Hub.

    Known Issues:
    - In order to pick up other Armor Upgrade missions, if you cannot hand in all the required materials the mission will need to be abandoned to allow interaction with the other NPCs.
    - The culmination for the chain mission for the Ryvox the Cypher is currently not implemented.
    - Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue.
    - All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
    - Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.
    - A supplementary mission for Rank 5 of Brown Beetles to give proper mission rewards is not working correctly and will be fixed in a future VU.
    - Currently, there is an issue with the Cyrene Graduation armor where the disciple will not receive the correct armor, we’re trying to resolve this issue with MindArk.
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