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Arbor Day Lumber-mania 04-28-23

Will you be attending Lumber-mania?

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Fatty Prophet

New Member

Hello. We may not have been formally introduced. My name is Fatteus, but they call me Fatty, for... obvious reasons. Anyway, I'd like to announce the ARBOR DAY LUMBER-MANIA EXTRAVAGANZA!

What does this entail, exactly? On Friday, April 28th from 21:00 server time to 1:00 server time, I will be on Cyrene giving out free Zekkonian Tree-fellers. Two per attendee! We will meet at the mission giver at 21:00 server time [WP] TBA. EDIT: I announced the WP, scroll down the thread. Third post.

Then, at 21:30 server time we will embark! See what I did there?

After everyone has the mission, I am taking people to various tree-felling locations. We should be able to cover the whole planet and get enough trees for all. Now, say there aren't enough trees... then we'll think of something. I'll be on Cyrene checking around to see where all the tree hot spots are between now and the event. Of course, I'll be streaming the event on my twitch.tv channel (twitch.tv/fattyprophet)

Please express your interests and ask any questions in this thread, or message Fatteus Fatty Thorsson. I will get back to you - as sure as there's a tree with your name on it.

See you all in the verse!
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Fatty Prophet

New Member

These are the locations that I have found thus far. If anyone knows of any other places we can go during the event, let me know!

I am going to see if a friend of mine can do warps from other worlds to Cyrene for the day.
Other than that, I hope we get a great turnout!

Fatty Prophet

New Member
I want to lay down some ground rules before the event.

First, please do not "mine" the same tree as someone else. First to engage the tree gets it. To try to prevent this, I advise people to split up and head different ways. This will be difficult, but if you see someone harvesting, just run past them to the next tree. There are four decent spots to harvest trees on Cyrene that I know of, and I will be shuttling people for the duration of the event. Just let me know when you want a ride. I will have my choppa! When in doubt, GET TO ZE CHOPPA!

We will be meeting at 21:00 server at the lumber harvesting mission giver at /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138248, 77195, 115, Tanhok Lumberjack T'zin] (Copy that into your game chat) on or near "the map," where we will plan our attack! Try not to be late!

Other than that, HAVE FUN! See you on the 28th of April!

Rusty Venture

Back on Cyrene
Tree's are based on a timer system. Not an 'amount of mining on them' system.
1, 2, 10, or even 100 avatars can mine the same tree at the same time, it will not make it disapear faster. Your rule on not sharing trees make no sense with the game mechanics.

Just thought i'd let you know.

Fatty Prophet

New Member
Thank you for clarifying that, Rusty. That actually works even better!
So, scratch the single tree per person rule. If you can get to a tree, harvest it. We want to make these trees stretch. :)