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100PED Reward for a Quest in 'Seek n Find'


Well-Known Member
Well for the new VU its great to see what the Cyrene Team has done and are very happy

Over the past day or so i have scouted the whole of Planet Cyrene and come up with information to many mobs, however there are a number of mobs or maturities that I could not find during my questing, instead of going over areas i missed , I am placing this task in the Cyrene Communities hands your job is to find what i have missed and what ive found that would be challenging for you to find, the questing list goes as follows.

I will award a share of 100PED no less, to the following adventurers who find these creatures

* Ancient Rhino Beetle

* Ancient Sea Wraith

* Prowler Tide Claw

* Ancient Sky Wraith

* The Den Mother
(not the quest mob near ARC Base Gamma)
(must be from VU14.2 no earlier)

To be eligable for this reward you must be the first to post in this thread your finding, this must include

* A screenshot of the mob with the scanned stats (use your Inspector A1 scanner)

* the waypoint location of the mob.

Each screenshot i am awarding 20PED for each of the following mobs.

Good Luck and happy adventuring

Agis :)


New Member
* A screenshot of the mob with the scanned stats (use your Inspector A1 scanner)

Probably a silly question, but here it is anyway just to be sure : Are scans done with a scanner from another planet valid as well ?


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PRINT SCREEN 2013-06-20 22-53-25.jpg

Edit forgot the waypoint :D (124593,81678,138)

if this isnt good enough for you some quick witted noob can claim the prize for it ;)


New Member
Came across this, but there is only (1)one and is surrounded by Majestic maturity.
If you can't find it, you might have to wait for respawn... idk.
The cords are blocked in pic... 123048, 81715, 107
Good luck have fun.


  • asw__cyrene.png
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excellent correct spot for tide claw, (mixed in with the alpha spawn) and ancient sea wraith (mixed in with the majestic spawn), whats left to find.

Ancient Rhino Beetle

The Den Mother (not the quest mob at north ARC HQ)

Ancient Sky Wraith (I have found this one , but want you to find it, like the other 2 mobs)

60PED still up for grabs, come collect your reward at your convienance. Player Register : Agis Agis McKracken

Great adventuring, we may have more Seek & Find adventures down the track