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1 - Cyrene - Secrets and Covert Operations

MindStar 9

Hoping for the Best
The first introduction to the MindStar/Senator Calvin Neff covert ops series was published in the 2011 June issue of the EntropiaTimes magazine beginning on page 10.

In this beginning episode of the series, MindStar is residing on Planet Arkadia, and is contacted by her long-time friend who used to be a Senator on Earth, but is now a Senator on a distant planet called Cyrene.

The Senator invites MindStar to come to Cyrene for a visit, but she suspects it's much more than that given the tone she picked up on during the conversation. She also suspected that perhaps his telecommunication was being monitored, and why specific chat didn't take place.

After MindStar arrives on Cyrene and the truth is learned, the story begins to unfold, and thus the adventure that involves the Zekkonians is launched.

You can find this beginning episode in the EntropiaTimes magazine section at EP:

Cyrene - Secrets and Covert Operations

(remember to scroll down to the June issue of the magazine)
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