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Recent content by Svarog

  1. Svarog

    Points of Interest: Eve's Playground

    I'm usually too slow to determine what's killing me in pvp (only in the chat afterward), maybe in the water I'll have a little more time to react :D
  2. Svarog

    Jonah's Wiles Destoyer

    Normal laser pistols don't have a range of 60+ meters as ARS does :) So it seems normal in this part of the universe. Also do you guys realize it's an year old thread? :p
  3. Svarog

    FIXED Spear vehicle from quest

    The "healthbar" that you see above vehicles displays the condition of their Structural Integrity (SI). It decreases from all kind of damages and can be repaired unlimited number of times using RK-5 tools and welding wires, as long as TT value is greater than 3%. TT value decreases only from...
  4. Svarog

    Cyrene Iron Mission List

    Imperium Killer - Rank 1 (kill 100 Imperium Vet/Grunt/Scout) = 3 Strength tokens
  5. Svarog

    Bug Report Dropping framerate

    Actually that means that it doesn't have to do anything with hardware and can happen on any most modern systems, because one thing is when your GPU is burning and melting and still can't put out a decent performance, and the other is when the game simply doesn't employ the available resources.
  6. Svarog

    Bug Report Dropping framerate

    I have :). My video isn't too modern (GTX285), but on Caly I play for hours on High settings (+ Very High for distance) with 30+ fps. On Cyrene everything is great for the first 20-30 minutes of play, then fps gradually falls to 0-5. Lowering the quality doesn't do anything, it's the same 0-5...
  7. Svarog

    Spam attack

    That's ok, the advertising fee is subtracted from your loot :p
  8. Svarog

    Enkidd Fang S.4 (L)

    My first ever discovery :) Tested and posted on Entropedia.
  9. Svarog

    Need of Salvaging locations with parts

    Who gives the mission for dragonflies? The master at Janus gave only the three others.
  10. Svarog

    Does anyone know what this means?

    I think "rank" means maturity. One new maturity on those mobs.
  11. Svarog

    Discovery: Silverstitch - A.R.C. Ranger - A.R.C. Special Ops

    Grats! 885 durability on L armor? They must be kidding...
  12. Svarog

    turrelion shin guard vertex

    I guess that's the Silverstitch :) Looks interesting.
  13. Svarog

    First Solo HoF on Cyrene

    Grats! Be a mortal isn't so bad after all :p
  14. Svarog

    Bug Report S.I. FlameThrower no D.O.T.

    No DOT effect on Caly as well.
  15. Svarog

    New vehicular devices?

    I wonder what happened with v2-v4 and the previous 345 ones of v5 :D