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New Profile Posts

  1. Karatosbaka
    Karatosbaka Kris | Cyrene
    Hello Kris,

    iam new in the Forum. Yesterday i try out the Hunters Cavern with the Paneleons. Its a good Idea with the Auto Loot in the Cavern. But the Cavern has some Bugs. Somtimes i had to run to the Mob to shoot. Then in the same time iam far away again. But at all the Idea with small Hunting Quest is a good idea. Kind regards Kara Tosbaka
  2. Алексей
    Алексей Kris | Cyrene
    Кто подскажет где найти подруливающее на копье. Под деревом нет ни фига
    1. Kris | Cyrene
      Kris | Cyrene
      Right now there's a bug for the spear coordinates, it will be fixed in the next PP VU, but you currently cannot complete that mission.

      Aug 24, 2020
  3. Plus
    Buscando miles de tarritos de color borgoña ;)
  4. Deadshot
    I hate how you have to download it to play i still cant play it because you have to download to play it
  5. Aryana Ary Softheart
    Aryana Ary Softheart Justine
    Hi Justine... Do you know how many of each crystal is needed to get the power crystal for lazidol? i.e. how many lesser need to be combined? or if there is a different combination...
  6. CozMoDan
    CozMoDan DocAlien
    I have one tier 7.8, what do you think is a good price ? I must tell you I paid a fairly high price and quite a lot for the tiering.
  7. Aryana Ary Softheart
    Aryana Ary Softheart
    just grinding away...
  8. reorgas
  9. San
    San Justine
    I totally forgot to congratulate you! Sorry about that.
  10. Hellbound
    Where the women at?
  11. Hec
    Ign is Max Hec Walker and when on Cyrene I might look like all business from time to time but always here to have fun! :)
  12. Wallin Dimas
    Wallin Dimas
    Motto: If it's free, gimmie three. If there's more, gimmie four!
  13. TheRealMG
    Master TheRealMG Gerund
  14. San
    San Noorie
    Hello to India from the North Pole :)
    1. Noorie likes this.
  15. Scarra
    good morning everyone
  16. Stefan Bond Moldovan
    Stefan Bond Moldovan Tuxxen
    hello, can u mesage me in game please stefan Bond moldovan
  17. PaulDickson
  18. PaulDickson
    Starting today
  19. Rusty Venture
    Rusty Venture
    Monria sucks, it's owners are terrible people.
  20. DaughterofAnarchy
    DaughterofAnarchy Lilmc | Cyrene
    Welcome to Cyrene team; hope to get to meet you in game! :)