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Welcome to our world

Blog entry posted by oddbunny, May 6, 2012.

Sort of a work-in-progress thing. The song seemed appropriate but still tweeking the video.
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  1. Mini-Nova
    Awesome vid and song choice, loved it. :)
  2. Divide D. Impera
    Roni, that's like saying "Paris contains both buildings and stones". ;) (Rome being the buildings and the Greeks being the stones which lay the foundations for a culture in the greatest civilization ever seen to date. Both being ancient but, most importantly, different nations, we cannot melt them together; Rome was Rome, Athens was Athens, and that's that. Janus has obviously been inspired by Rome.)
  3. Roni
    Cyrene has been both a greec and roman city, Cyrene's city of Janus contains both elements
  4. MindStar 9
    LOVE the video my dear "virtual" son, and also the different view from flying so low in areas, great effect for sure. With regard to Greece and Rome ... they DID have one thing in common ... they were both ancient at one point in history. :)
  5. Divide D. Impera
    It's Rome, of course! It's so Roman I honestly can't figure out how anyone could confuse it with the Greeks. Just look at the Colosseum!
  6. oddbunny
    well it does have the statues and building architectures of what most people would think of. They should post a big sign in Janus saying 'this isn't Greece!' :P
  7. Divide D. Impera
    Noooooooo. Why is everybody saying Ancient Greece?