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Premium Map

Blog entry posted by Thanatos, Feb 22, 2015.

I know that many ppl appreciate the work i put into www.cyrenesecrets.com.
Some of them were so kind, that made a donation (Donators Hall Of Fame) :)

Especially for them i made a better version of Planet Cyrene Map, called Premium :)

It looks like this atm, and its just a start

How to get the access to it? The rules are describet here: http://cyrenesecrets.com/how-to-help-to-run-this-site/
in addition ull be invited to #cyrenesecrets chanel


About the Author

Thanatos - I'm getting things DONE! http://cyrenesecrets.com
  1. Thanatos
    thx mate, atm im a bit off tho. summer, rl, etc. i plan to come back with new PP VU after the summer to see if its worth to play this game again. cheers!
  2. Dex
    Keep up the good work, let me know if there are anything I can help you with as I am on Cyrene now and planing on staying for a long time.