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Picking Myself Up...Again

Blog entry posted by oddbunny, Mar 26, 2012.

"Good Morning Entropians, the time is now 0800 hours..."

If there was one thing on this planet that was more reliable than the mail, was the 0800 wake-up call. The robotic female voice echo'ed through each room in the apartment, informing anything that would listen about the news and weather. Unfortunately I was the only occupant in the room, as it had been for the last seven years. Waking up with the sun pouring through the 'G' sized apartment windows; I woke up looking at the opposing wall. Pictures of old friends, trophies, mineral crystals and the storage facility populated the wall, the older items collecting some dust but the internal air purifier still did a decent job of keeping things in check. The windows had digital numbers and pictures running across them like a computer screen, showing the seven day weather forecast, stock ticker and news headlines.

Looking up at the sky, it was strange seeing other planets in the system. When I was young, all I had to worry about was being either on here or the Crystal Palace. Since the Deep Space Exploration Ship Odyssey had managed to not only construct another station, but entirely new planets that were in the same system we hadn't been able to detect on long range sensors.

Taking a few steps out to the back deck, a small chill ran down my back as the morning breeze greeted me from the doorway. Looking up again, seeing small specks that we thought were stars. Now bustling with traffic and visitors, just like here on Eudoria. Speaking of which, that would explain all the cargo transports hauling the other colonist's stuff away. The pounding of the children in the apartment above is absent; the *bam bam bam* of feet running back and forth as the parents tried dressing the children at 0600 was enough to drive anyone up the wall. You would think I would enjoy them being gone; however...it happened every day that it was just part of the routine. I actually kind of miss the distraction.

"...and now, on to other news. Planet Cyrene will open soon to visitors and colonist alike! Come see the all new planet!" Chimed the radio ad, which had been on this whole time but with most things its white noise to my ears. Another planet, another commerce vying for my money. Corporations seem to control more space property than the blasted government does. Guess what? I'm not going, no way no how. Pouring a glass of cider I take a swig and step into the residential hot tub. Nice to know at least a few of earth's relaxation methods worked here as well. Mining six days a week, resources were not exactly easy to come by these days...a beep over the intercom had silenced the radio and disrupted my train of thought.

"Incoming transmission, Bunny. Would you like to hear it now or shall I store it on a datapad for later?" the female voice commanded. I had created the voice of the computer myself, using voice patterns from an old friend who...I had a crush on. We had met on the peer at Cornith, sun was setting, feet touching the surface of the ocean, fishing pools in our hands, even though there wasn't a fish in sight. We just sat there, looking at each other. It was strange, being a person who doesn't speak up and avoids working with others, I felt weird, like something was glowing inside of me that night. And it felt...good...I think...I reached over to take her hand as she smiled at me...

NO. That never happened. That was years ago. The bitterness that rushed back to me had washed away the moment of relaxation that had intruded on my morning. Taking another swig of cider I watched as a sentry turret about half a mile out turned and let loose a roar of gunfire, pelting a Hogglo that had aimlessly wondered into the complex headquarters. Poor bastard was having a worse morning than I was. Besides, I never saw that girl again once she boarded for Next Island. I'm too bitter for my own good.

"Seems you are busy in thought sir, I will place the message on the datatel for you later." the voice answered. I quickly regained composure, almost surprised I got lost in thought not once but twice already in the same morning. "Computer, relay the message poolside." I put the glass down on the side, and then flicked a finger at a touchscreen terminal by the hot tub. Looking at where the message was sent, it was sent from Cyrene. Hah, they're not even open for business and my mining company wants a piece of the action! Well guess what, they can send someone else to represent. I'm not moving my ass from this tub even if they doubled my salary.

Hitting the 'Play Message' on the screen then sitting back and relaxing again, I tipped my head back and drained the remaining cider in one sitting.

"Bunny, it's me."

I chocked on the cider, from both holding too much cider and the shock that the person I mentioned earlier was the voice that came from the message. Hitting pause on the screen I took a few breaths to regain my composure and to make sure I wasn't going to pass out. How did she find out where I was? What did she want? Maybe it was a joke from the guys at work? I hit the play button to listen to the rest.

"My job sent me to interview a few new people for Cyrene. They're letting me rent out this nice place to stay while we're here. Beachside location, full of fish. There's a spare place out here if you want to come by for a drink...iskkkkkk" the message went dead.

Damn, that girl has a way with playing in my head. Halfway accross the galaxy for a drink? Something is fishy.
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  1. Archman
    Ron Burgundy is coming out with a sequel......is this Bunny 2.0?
  2. MindStar 9
    Indeed Calli ... my virtually adopted son returns, and I hope he is well. This was a great read my dear Bunny, and I'm really happy to see you here and posting. I love your stories, and I'm hoping that you will share some of them going forward in the Fan Fiction area of the forum. You have been missed dearly, along with a few other people. Not sure by your story if all is well, but shoot me a PM if you are comfortable with doing that, or an email, and we can go from there. BIG Hugs to you my dear!
  3. Calli
    The Bunny's been found!! :)