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My journey to planet Cyrene

Blog entry posted by Dex, Aug 11, 2015.

Hey everyone or maybe hey you single sole that reads this if anyone will read this at all...

I arrived at Cyrene a few days ago after a long and hard spaceflight from my homeplanet Calypso.

What was it that made me abandon my home and leave for a totally new planet?
I needed something new, a change in life, had gotten tired of the big events and all the ppl and all the constant grinding.
I had heard rumors about a planet called Cyrene that had a small but kind population and that there was missions with real rewards like faps and armor.

I just had to get there so I packed my belongings and jump in to my small but comfortable spaceship and headed for planet Cyrene.
On the way I had to avoid space pirates and I was lucky, I didn't see any and I also had to take a detour as I flew in to a heard of ugly space mobs that nearly killed me but I survived and landed safely on Cyrene

That was all for now I will tell you more about my journey later.
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About the Author

Dexus Dex, Born in Dec 2005 on Calypso.
  1. Neuromancer
    May the lord have mercy on your soles for coming here. Your feet must be tired. First thing - get on Cyrene chat. Next, start hunting lizards or small tide claws for bones and bone in meat. Crazy mark up on those resources. Next - run around like an idiot to get all the missions. Good luck and welcome to the most underrated planet in the known galaxy. However, since you have been in game 2 years longer than me I'd suggest don't go nuts on the biggest mobs here. They will bite your ped card in the a$$,
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  2. Gisela Dawes
    Welcome to Cyrene, Dex!
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