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March Returns

Blog entry posted by Dale Alvin Gribble, Apr 1, 2019.

March was a terrible month in real life for me. First, my boss (who was more of a mother or really close aunt) passed away early on and then, a few days ago, my girlfriend passed away. I was made CEO of my company which is overwhelming and a few funerals is not fun. I didn't play all that much and when I did, I mostly sweated and talked to my friends about my personal problems. It looks like a good month on paper but the majority of these profits are from past months. My TT returns were atrocious this month but I managed to sell some high MU stuff I'd been holding on to for a long time. It was higher but I took a risk after getting shot down a few times by a pirate. I figured he wouldn't do it again....I under estimate the level of asshole pirates can be. (I did not engage in discussion or insults with the pirate which sometimes provokes them to harass you.)

Input: 5412.44
Output: 5748.11

Profit/Loss: +335.67