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Jan 2019 Returns

Blog entry posted by Dale Alvin Gribble, Feb 1, 2019.

This month I spent about 2 weeks on Rocktropia (scavenger wolves, shared zombie kongs, and a few k zombies), 2 days on Caly (selling stuff and a few small Daikiba hunts). The rest was spent here grinding away. The majority of hunting was done on small mobs with the biggest being about 300 ped cyled on Puny Mang Changs. I actually did better but purchased a UL BLP gun for +210 and then didn't like it much. You wouldn't believe the amount of well meaning people telling me how much I'll lose on overkill and terrible efficiency. I appreciate the advice but I'm doing ok. ;)

Ped Spent: 10960.72
Ped Returned: 10972.45
Gain/Loss: +11.73 (+221.73 if not counting UL gun)

For Feb I plan on finishing the Ultimate Noob Mission on Atlas. I HATE that island. On all the small mobs I've done it has the worst return for me. Even my occasional mining drops mid hunt there return nearly nothing. I'll finish up that mission then probably move to Jellies :angry:
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