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From frustration to anger to determination

Blog entry posted by Oldman Mayhem, Apr 25, 2013.

It's been a few days since I've thought about skipping planet. Just tt everything and hitch a ride to Calypso. I thought about it every day I logged in for almost a month as I worked and worked to get some forward momentum here on Cyrene. This has not been easy and even though I met some folks that were fairly helpful I felt like I was out here flapping in the wind. I had to figure out the controls, had to figure out how to research mobs, had to figure out mining and had to figure out this god forsaken economy. I finally got to a point that I kinda had it figured out and could explain it to a couple friends of mine and convinced them to start playing. I of course had them start on Calypso since I didn't want to put them through what I had been through and what do I witness? A fully developed starting area, free weapons, free ammo, free tools, free vehicles. All of this just handed over to enable them to get the hang of the game and get a feel for how everything was supposed to work. I felt cheated, I felt like all my hard work and research, my time and my money was wasted. They were playing a whole different game and I was stuck on a muddy backwater planet reinventing the wheel. What a kick in the nuts.
Not one to give up or call it quits, ever, I set a goal. I would finish up by mentorship here on Cyrene and then get the hell on. I was about 45% complete and I was chugging along. I did some more research and found a mob that was giving solid returns using the gear I had. I hunted those little buggers everyday for weeks. For the most part the payed for themselves and aside from the repetition and the steadily falling market values on the loot life was good. After a while though I got a bit bored and started looking for something new to do to gain forward progress. I started mining a bit more and looked into ways to level up my engineering. Engineering would be easy if I just wanted to dump a bunch of money into it but that's not what I'm looking to get out of this game. Ideally if I can skill up, cycle PEDs, and keep my losses to a very low percentage I'm happy. Repairing on a mothership would raise my engineering skill quickly but wouldn't achieve any of my other goals so for now that's out the window. I'm still looking for ways to do this planetside. That leaves hunting and mining as realistic ways to reach my mentorship goal.
I think I've got a pretty good handle on the hunting side of things and if there is one thing that I think I might have done differently I think I would have invested in the tt armor much earlier. it's not the toughest stuff but it does add a little buffer when facing low level mobs and I was surprised at how little it cost to repair it on a regular basis. I'm not sure how long armor normally takes to tier up but this stuff seems to be moving up at a steady pace. Again I'm not sure how much value higher tiers add to armor, especially low level armor but I'm sure I will find out. I also am still running with my trusty Opalo and it seems to be serving me well. It's ready to tier up but apparently requires some goodies to help in that process, where the hell do I get my hands on handfuls of garnets? Again I'm sure I'll figure it out.
Mining...this has turned out to be the part of this game that I was most hesitant to jump into and yet the thing that most makes sense to me.
Twenty paces, twenty more
drop a probe and hope to score
Keep it simple, mine for ore
Make the money and go back for more!
Mining has been a great way to explore all of Cyrene, learn where mobs are, and so far has treated me quite well. I have learned what kind of damage I can do to various kinds of mobs as I hunt along the way and though I've lost some PEDs in this process the mining has helped make up for it. I like Cyrene a lot more now and even though it is still challenging as hell I am a lot more comfortable trying things out and seeing what works and risking a little in case it doesn't. I want to see the economy grow and I check the auction terminal pretty much every day. I see weapons and crafted goods sell pretty quick and I would love to see more weapons and vehicles offered up. I see the auction on Calypso and it's over a thousand pages long while Cyrene is ten. I don't view this as anything but an observable difference between an established economy and an infant economy. It can be frustrating at times but these days observations like that only serve to motivate me and make me more determined to help Cyrene grow and thrive.
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