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December 2018 Returns

Blog entry posted by Dale Alvin Gribble, Jan 1, 2019.

I'm a new player (70k skills) that came to Cyrene because I like the feel. I started on RT but found myself drawn here. I have a decent bankroll to fiddle with for a newer player but not a ton of time to play so most of the time I am on is AFK sweating while I'm at work or endlessly crafting EP1. The whole month wasn't spent on Cyrene so this is only 2 1/2 weeks or so. MU is included as I sell. 100% of shrapnel converted and used. I also included two amps found from boxes that were looted. I counted the cost of the keys as input. Bought 25 keys. This was my first looted box try. Will most likely try again in the future when I build up enough.

The majority of in game time was spent killing stuff on Atlas Hunting Grounds for noob mission or crafting Enkidd Dire for use against Tide Claws to complete the Fap mission.

Input (Cost): 6032.78
Output (Return): 6472.70 +439.92