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Cyrene is great, so far...

Blog entry posted by Dex, Aug 16, 2015.

I have now spent a few days on Cyrene since I landed and so far I like the planet.

So what have I done my first few days here.
The first day I just flew around trying different mobs and taking some tp's.
Had a few nice globals 200+ but the tracker didn't get them so guess there aren't many ppl running the tracker on Cyrene :(.

The second day I joined the Cyrene chat and got some tips from ppl there.
After that I did some missions and got some newbie guns and faps as reward.
Going to give them away someday when I meet someone that deserves them.
Then I did the first Mang Chang mission.

After this I decided for a go for the armor missions and have done a few of those missions by now so I have almost 100 "points", don't remember what they are called.
Think I will keep on going until I have atleast open the first tier.

Loot have been pretty good so far, looted a few armor parts with markup. Still struggling with what loot to save and not but I'm learning.

Also want to thank the ppl that made Cyrenesecrets.com, Thanatos is one dunno if there are more ppl behind the site.
Had great help from the maps on the site.

About the Author

Dexus Dex, Born in Dec 2005 on Calypso.