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April Returns

Blog entry posted by Dale Alvin Gribble, May 1, 2019.

The record keeping this month is a lie. During one of the mini patches I lost all of my sticky notes. My sticky notes are how I track my returns so I'm missing about 10k worth of cycled peds. Overall I'd say I finished around -600 this month. I managed to hit 100k skills and did a few runs for Mayhem staying right around 30th place.

Ped Cycled: 2960.44

Ped Returned: 3438.53

Profit/Loss: +478.09

Again this is actually a loss of around 600 but I can't remember exact numbers so this is starting around the 22nd or so. Super disappointed that I lost all my info. I'm thinking I'm gonna spend the next few months in the hub.