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And it all began ...

Blog entry posted by Lykke TheNun, Dec 30, 2011.

... well, it began many years ago - but finally we could open up the official forum of Planet Cyrene for the community.

It has been some exciting months - and of course things are yet not quite ready with the planet. The Team Cyrene office is probably sizzling and buzzing from activity - busy hands are tweaking and polishing the last little (or big) details - and I imagine people running around, drinking too much coffee, smoking too many stressful cigarettes - but yet everyone are tired and exhausted - keeping their eyes open with the help of toothpicks!

Nah, perhaps I'm exaggerating just a tiny little bit - but I'm sure things are busy working hard to be done with everything for the big day :bowdown:

Things have been busy here too - creating the new community home for the pioneers and citizens of Cyrene. And the forum is not yet done, but I believe we created a nice home base here for some serious info-sharing, fun and discussions.

I personally can't wait till the planet will release - and it feels like being a little child again - waiting to open up the hugest packet under the tree! But the best of all is to be sharing this packet with all of you and then just 'roll with the wave' :dancinggirls:

2012 is going to be a special year - I just know it - and I wish you all the best, happiness and success both outside Entropia Universe and inside - of course - on Planet Cyrene.

:goodbee: Always remember to have fun =)
  1. Lykke TheNun
    Thanks Cowboy :)
  2. Elijah Cowboy Baley
    Nice forum! Great work Lykke!
    Lykke likes this.
  3. Wistrel
    Hmm... I hope so... I must be getting old and cynical but it seems the more apparently unfounded hype I see the more I feel alienated and afraid of there being nothing special in the works. I know Cyrene by rights SHOULD be the best thing that ever happened to Entropia... I guess just somehow I feel there are warning signs that this may not be the case... fingers crossed though but breath not held. Sorry to sound so neg though.
  4. RicardoLaginha
    I can imagine how stressfull have been this months :D
  5. RicardoLaginha
    Awesome Lykke, i'm just like you, waitting exited to the planet be release, I already know that is going to be very very fun , the forum is good atm, i know too that is going to bee bettern on the future but for now it's pretty good, just keep it coming ;)
    Lykke likes this.