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A miner's life on Cyrene. (Log #003)

Blog entry posted by Mini-Nova, Jul 24, 2012.

Mining Run: #003
Mining Tool(s) Used: F-213
Run Cost: 30 PED
Hit Ratio: 50.044%

Greetings again from Cyrene!!:bye:
(Me at Zik Outskirts)

3rd blog yay!!! I'm still alive and kickin' out here in Cyrene and It's treatin' me well!

Today I decided I'd start a small run at Zik Outskirts in search of the elusive Clear Crystal, first drop by the TP, I hit an Average VII Green Crystal! Not quite what I was looking for, BUT I'LL TAKE IT! (600% markup on these babies!!) :loveshower: Headed towards the beach, didn't hit much, a couple small Lysterium Stones and Crude Oils here and there, so I began climbing the mountains around Zik Outskirts, dropped a few, nothing, and then, Great XIV Lysterium Stone!!:woohoo: So I mined it up and kept on going, I didn't hit much else except for a few small Lysterium and Crude Oil hits.

After a bit, my society buddy (and Cyrene native) Rath PM'd me and asked to come kill a few Scout Bot 779s, didn't get much from them, dropped a few probes on the beach, hit a bit of Lysterium stone and that was the end of my run.

Biggest hit of the day:
XIVcyreneforum.jpg (Great XIV Lysterium Stone by Zik Outskirts, up on the mountains)

Funny pic of the day:
(Rath getting his butt kicked by a 799):xxxlaugh:

Hope you enjoyed the blog and see you next time! :)

(P.S. sorry for the weird spacing in the paragraphs, the emoticons do that for some reason >.<)

About the Author

- Ashley Mini-Nova Netz (Mining Director of Tactical Miners) I am here to teach and clear up false rumors about mining, if you want to get the full scoop on mining and learn from someone that doesn't base there theories on superstition like skill mining then add me on the player register, I'm always happy to help. GL & big HoF's!!!
  1. Mini-Nova
    Hahahah! XD
  2. Rathius
    Yea, it's thirsty work usin mindforce all the time, I decided I'd take a nap and let her handle it...