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A miner's life on Cyrene. (Log #002)

Blog entry posted by Mini-Nova, Jul 17, 2012.

Mining Run: #002
Mining Tool(s) Used: F-213, F-102, Z1 seeker
Run Cost: 100 PED
Hit Ratio: 57.765%

(Me mining the Ample IX Lysterium Stone, Rath to the left.)

Went out again today, 100 PED in probes but this time brought some LVL 2 light amps, tried only mining ore didn't hit anything big with them, 1 Ample IX lysterium, but mostly Modest VI's.

So went further to areas said to hold more rare enmatts, (pointed out by writing staff, thanks!!) ended up finding Rainbow, Green, Purple and after many attempts, Clear Crystal!! Was definatley stoked to find that one!!:clap:
(3rd time's the charm!!)

After doing a bit of ore and enmatt mining I tried to do some vein mining, vein mining is when you drop a probe on top of, or by your claim to find another claim close by, sometimes it can turn into "lines" or "veins" that you can follow and get decent hit ratios, at first I had no veins at all, for about 20-30 probes so I went to a more dangerous-less-mined area, by the Merfolken and with the help of Rath and Meeps I was able to find a 4 vein right by the Merfolken (you can see one skittering by if you look closely at the next pic) and all around there they started appearing, it seems they are much harder to come by here than Calypso but they are here.

(Me by my 4 vein, Rath to left, Meeps in the middle.)

(Sizable XI Lysterium Stone, I found it while vein testing Cyrene in a dangerous area.)

Biggest hit of the day:
plentiful XVII forum.jpg
Took me by surprise ^^ was hunting by Mature Dire Weeds and decided to drop a probe. :loveshower:

Funny pic of the day: camp antigrav.jpg (Me and Rath at Camp Anti-Grav!!) :nana:

Thats my blog for today! Short and sweet! Hope you enjoyed it! ;)

About the Author

- Ashley Mini-Nova Netz (Mining Director of Tactical Miners) I am here to teach and clear up false rumors about mining, if you want to get the full scoop on mining and learn from someone that doesn't base there theories on superstition like skill mining then add me on the player register, I'm always happy to help. GL & big HoF's!!!
  1. Mini-Nova
    Thank ya sir! :D
  2. Lone Wolf McQuaid
    Very nice Gratz on the finds