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by Kris | Cyrene at 6:33 AM
(753 Views / 6 Likes)
Hey guys,

I’m here again to share the new additions, changes, and updates coming to Planet Cyrene this winter.

A big issue that we ended up needing to tackle was spawn density and crowding, and to this end we’ve created a myriad of instances to help with this.

Players can find a trio of solo instances with a small sweat cost have been added at 0x101 Supply Depot:

The Cave of Flesh where you can find all maturities, the Imperium is busy in here capturing and exporting these beasts to other areas of Cyrene.

Come to A.R.C. Forward Camp - ROOT and aid the A.R.C. Soldiers in a battle for the beach to try and contain these ROOT mechs.

Aerithalas, a newly opened plane of existence where all Vortexs can be found in an arid wasteland....