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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:14 AM
(1,884 Views / 4 Likes)
New Additions:

- New Janus Island:

-- This is a place that is fully focused on retail and estates, away from the missions and mobs. We will continue to develop this area further with non-combat related activities and areas.

- New Janus Real Estate:
-- New Janus Tower apartments 11 floors high featuring small, medium, and large apartments on each floor.
-- New Janus Shops featuring 7 shops per quadrant with 2 quadrants currently open.

- Zyn’Dar Pet Master:
-- Pet Master: Daily Cyrene Taming
-- Pet Master: Daily Cyrene Pet Turn In
-- Developer’s note: Zyn’dar will have a larger impact in the future and be a stepping stone to more tamer focused missions down the line.

- Holiday Missions:
-- Zyn'oddy's Oddities - Sculptures (2021)!
-- Help Rudolph save Christmas! (2021)!
-- Find the Missing Holiday Textures (2021)!
- Holiday gifts from Cyrene Staff (After December 15th, 2021)

- Holiday Spawns:
-- Jolly Jellyworms
-- Jolly Lurkers
-- Jolly Pleaks
-- These spawns can be found near this location: [Planet Cyrene, 136458, 77173, 189, Waypoint]
-- Developer’s note: This year we set the spawns normally instead of having the event spawn to try and make the hunting more similar to the normal Cyrene experience.

- Changes to Final Mission Chain - The Cypher
- Drop chance has been increased for the following:
-- Molten Heart Shards
-- Tide Claw Pincher Sinew