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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:03 AM
(1,771 Views / 6 Likes)
New Additions:
- Many new instances were created in an effort to help overall server stability as well as providing a curated area for especially popular creatures on Cyrene.
– The Cave of Flesh
— A solo instance with a 1,000 Vibrant Sweat entrance fee with dense spawns of all Flesh Rippers
– A.R.C. Forward Camp - ROOT
— A solo instance with a 1,000 Vibrant Sweat entrance fee where you can turn the tide of battle on the beach versus the ROOT menace
– Aerithalas
— The newly opened plane of existence where all manner of Living Vortex can be found in an arid wasteland with a 1,000 Vibrant Sweat entrance fee
– Sky Labs Arret Testing Area
— Venture into the Sky Labs to hunt down natural Arrets that have broken out and into the halls

- Dr. Elara Sterling is looking for Trabeculars, or spongy bones to help in the creation of new armor plating that is strong against cut damage
- Kayde Barns has a couple new texture blueprints to earn from her daily mission: Daily Texture Crafting Challenge - Kayde Barnes
- Ben Keery has a new texture blueprint to earn from his daily mission: Ben's Polka dot Blueprint - Pleak Feathers (daily)
- Horned Whisker Fish, Armored Whisker Fish and Mature Armored Whisker Fish have returned with a new location

- It’s that time of year again, where Zyn’oddy and Zyn’ingle have setup at 0x101 Supply depot to collect and use the Holiday Magic that’s found on special Cyrene creatures.
– Starting in early December, the A.R.C. Jolly Wonderland...