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by Kris | Cyrene at 11:01 AM
(793 Views / 2 Likes)
Hey guys,

I wanted to tell everyone know that Planet Cyrene will have no new content for the June 2019 VU.

While I know this will be upsetting to many of our loyal players, it's outside the scope of our control and we've been talking to MA about different ways to move forward and bring our new content to Planet Cyrene. I can't divulge anything more at this time but once we have a clear path I'll update everyone as I can.

In the interim we'll be continuing to add polish to the items we have already planned: the new player experience improvements/revamp, new content based off of the Planet Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map, loot and blueprint adjustment/discovery rates, graduation armor/ceremony as well as events going forward that you can expect to see each year.

For what came this VU, it's actually focused on fixing an exploit in the Hub that needed to be solved as quickly as possible to lay the groundwork for upcoming PvP events and rewards.

Please leave any comments/questions/concerns here for me to try and answer.