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by Kris | Cyrene at 12:22 PM
(661 Views / 5 Likes)
Hey guys,

I’m here again to share the new additions, changes, and updates coming to Planet Cyrene this summer.

For starters, we wanted to thank all entries into the Quarterly Player Loading Screen Submission, we got a lot of great ones and you’ll see new load screens after the update from Belenor, Rusty and soitzen! We look forward to the next ones!

Next up, meet “The Tailor”, a Zyn from the Ice Plateau who’s making a new home in Zyn’Tukano! He’s big on loyalty and can help you increase some skills in return for doing a job for him.

There’s also some new Zyn’Tukano happenings! Elder Wysock’kee has sent his disciples into the Corrupted Laboratory on a cleansing ritual, but they are out matched and need your help.

Within the Corrupted Laboratory, you’ll find allies who need your help within and outside of the dungeon. This is planned to be the first of several excursions to create a new back item focused on mining....