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by Lykke TheNun at 9:14 AM
(5,863 Views / 3 Likes)
Almost everyone has had a pet as a child or maybe asked their mother for permission to keep the sweet doggie that followed them home from school!

And even more had a dream about becoming a vet when they where kids because animals are SO cute ...

Well, think over ...


'Veterinarian' is not a profession for a reason! This 'adorable' Terranix male Boss would pretend to have a tooth ache but before you know of it you would be sucked into the deep revival and feel like Pinocchio stuck in a whales tummy!

And if a Merfolken Hunter complains about a torn in it's claw ... do not trust it's evil eyes! It will with certainty rip your insides out and dance on your shattered body parts.

Always remember; The only good mob, is a dead mob!