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by Kris | Cyrene at 9:21 AM
(763 Views / 2 Likes)
New Additions:
- The Corrupted Laboratory Dungeon @ Zyn’tukano
– Delve into the dungeon to assist the Zyn in the cleansing
– Do missions to earn tradeable Zyn Basics of different disciplines inside and outside the dungeon, and a new Texture BP
— Combine them together with A.R.C. Badges to create the Zyn Rucksack, Basic
- Ult-0-Min3r on Risen Island has new, repeatable missions for players who completed any Rank VI Mining mission
- The Tailor has come from the Ice Plateau to his new home at Zyn’tukano and is offering his services of a new Texture BP to players who show their loyalty
- A Reprogrammed Drill Bot has shown up at the MazeWeaver Docks and wants to destroy all other Drill Bots and will reward you with a new Finder BP
– A.R.C. Scouts are reporting a tougher group of Drill Bots near the giant mushrooms over at [Planet Cyrene, 132886, 78450, 104, Waypoint]
- Pet Tamer Zyn’Tao is willing to take your Caged pets in exchange for Creature Control Pills

- All repeatable missions have had their title amended to be (repeatable)
- The following missions have had additional blueprint rewards added:
– Daily Texture Trade - Hoban Statsk (repeatable)
– Daily Texture Crafting Challenge - Kayde Barnes (repeatable)
– Ben's Polka dot Blueprint - Pleak Feathers (repeatable)
- The Rift instance has been overhauled graphically to match the rift
- A mix of player submitted loading screens and new concept art loading screens have been added
- Increased the...