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by MindStar 9 at 5:17 PM
(3,420 Views / 0 Likes)
The Zekkonian Swamp should not be taken lightly, but just what lurks in dark corners that keeps everyone on alert, and would you know how to survive .

We all know from reading "Cyrene – Secrets and Covert Operations" in the June issue of the EntropiaTimes magazine that the flyboys were attacked by a vicious creature and left for dead, but … we also learned that the creature was controlled by ARC Guards, and that the incident was premeditated.


You can never be too prepared for what awaits you on Planet Cyrene. The mysteries, the intrigue, the twists and turns, and the cloak and dagger covert ops adventures will keep you in the zone.

Oh, did you think I was going to provide a survival guide or something? NOT … it's up to you to figure out your best plan of action, and just how you'll navigate the Zekkonian Swamp.

In the meantime, until the planet is launched and you can give your skills a test drive, be sure to stay tuned to Cyrene Forum for future content and exclusive photos that reveal more about what you can look forward to.